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    Asaf Guttman

    Israeli-American multimedia equipment expert Asaf Guttman is a prosperous individual from Essex County, New Jersey. He studied at Saint Leo University, where he received his degree, and there he refined his abilities and created a unique blend of technical, engineering, design, sales, and networking experience.


    Guttman fervently supports those in need and frequently donates his time and money to several charity organizations in and around Essex County. Outside of work and charity work, he engages in various extracurricular activities, including travel, technology, Formula 1 racing, car enthusiast, model racing cars, and general culinary interests.


    Guttman is the company's chief engineer and the proprietor and founder of Alpha Media Technologies, a multimedia and IT business headquartered in Montclair, New Jersey. He and his team are experts in audiovisual technologies, safe video conferencing, engineering, and design solutions for both business and domestic customers. They are knowledgeable in various subjects, focusing on networking, audio, and video systems.


    Guttman and Alpha Media Tech offer a wide variety of services, including high-end electronics, management systems, software apps, and troubleshooting for hardware and software problems. All electrical solutions, control systems, and software programs are provided under the requirements of their makers, customers' design standards, and industry norms.


    Guttman also controls and runs APG Multimedia, where he works as the multimedia expert, in addition to Alpha Media Tech. In Bloomfield, New Jersey, APG Multimedia provides planning, engineering, sales, implementation, and project management services for personal and business electronics. APG Multimedia's areas of expertise are custom controls for Elan Home Systems and AMX, whole-house security setups, made-to-measure blinds, and complete illumination systems.